Cavity Wall Insulation Problems?

Upon recent research concerning cavity wall insulation problems, i have found this article by Jeff Howell in the Daily Telegraph, you should pay particular attention to the 3rd Q & A.  Extract UK ‘s costs are almost a third off of this. Please could you take five minutes to read the report – click here.

Cavity Wall Insulation Problems & Damp Walls

Cavity wall insulation problems

Ask Jeff, in the Sunday Telegraph, has written some more articles and information about cavity wall insulation problems that can be seen – click  here.

If you would like to see how Extract UK remove cavity wall insulation please look at our youtube link - click here ,

We have since upgraded our machine from 3hp to 14hp  and can remove all retrofit cavity wall insulation i.e. Fibre (Whitewool and Rockwool) Bead and also Foam.


If you have Cavity Wall Insulation problems and require our help….

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We would like to say a big thank you to Scott and Kieran at Extract UK. They arrived at the time they said they would, and just got on and did the job. The job was done to our satisfaction, and there was not one thing we could fault. They were here for two days, and cleared up each day, and even hosed down the driveway. ( not many workmen we have had have did that),they were cheerful throughout and very polite. Quite honestly, we were dreading having it done as we thought there would be a …